Welcome to a fun page that will, hopefully, connect you to your new bundle of joy!
* Our prices vary and depend on a lot of factors. But please keep in mind you've come to a page where QUALITY Frenchies are bred, they cost more. We value our time, work and efforts. So, if you are looking for a cheap French Bulldog, this is not the right place.
* All puppies are raised on super premium foods.
* All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed and vet checked prior to pick-up.
* Basic price is for a classic color, no breeding, dog.
* Make sure you have a vet appointment scheduled prior to pick-up.
* We have a lot of knowledge raising Frenchies that we will share with you.
* Pick-up age: 8+ weeks.
* 1 year health guarantee
* Deposits are non-refundable. We value our time and work, thanks.
* We do not hold puppies without a deposit, but we do not require it either if you plan a visit in person.
* To better serve you, let us know what you are looking for.
#frenchbulldogcolors: fawn, red, brindle, pied, blue, merle, lilac, cream, isabella, fluffy, platinum, new shade.

If you’re looking for a blue or a lilac French bulldog for sale, we are one of the most experienced and successful kennels on the Eastern coast. Our classic colors, blue and lilac French bulldog puppies come from champion lines. Their parents are carefully tested, ensuring healthy litters. Blue and Blue/tan Frenchies are absolutely stunning with their lush coats and steel eyes. The lilac French bulldog is known for its exquisite color and red eye glow. Chocolate French bulldog puppies are absolutely striking and have a variety of color variations. Platinum French Bulldog puppies are a sign of luxury. Quality platinum color covers blue or lilac and even merle. Well-bred French Bulldog puppies no matter what color are stunning, exclusive and prestigious.
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